Add-on for exporting cards to .tex file

I am a school teacher, and I’d like to give a quiz every day to my class. I wanted to use Anki to create the questions/answers and also to follow Anki’s review schedule. On any given day, rather than reviewing the material on Anki, I want to export the problems to a tex file so that I can turn the problems into a PDF and give it to my students as a quiz. I also want to create a version of the PDF that has the solutions.

Is there an add-on on Anki that does this well? I couldn’t find one, and am considering writing an add-on for this purpose (if I can handle it).

Any advice would be much appreciated.

There isn’t an add-on for that in Anki, but making one could be a cool project if you’re up for it

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Maybe the Basic Printing Support add-on will work for you:

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Thank you. This looks like a good starting point.

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