Add maximize buttons to Note Types editor

Some things do not fit, so the window needs to be resized, but there is no maximize button. Examples of what does not fit:

Tools → Manage Note Types:
horizontally and vertically


the default texts fit

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Logged on Add maximize buttons to Note Types editor · Issue #3151 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


“Change deck” saves its size, so it does not need that. Please make “Add tags” and “Delete tags” in the Browser save their size, too.

Can you send pictures or be more specific of the issue? It would be helpful so I can reproduce

In the Browser, press Ctrl-Shift-A or Ctrl-Alt-Shift-A. A dialog to enter tags appears. It is pretty short. If I resize it, next time it is short again.

Why would you want a single line dialog box to be a different size?

Add tags (Delete is the same) –

What is the expected behavior? Is it the same picture Danika_Dakika sent?

I use larger fonts and add multiple long tags.


My Anki resizes when I maximize the screen. What version of Anki are you? Are you on browser? If so which browser?

No, this is definitely about Desktop. As I understand it, Aleksej’s request is about windows that don’t have maximize buttons and/or don’t maintain size when they are reopened.

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I can’t reproduce the issue on my Desktop version. Adding cards seems to have a maximize button that accordingly changes size.

If you’re talking about the Add Note window – I don’t think this request is about that window.

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Sorry, I am still have trouble reproducing. Are you able to reproduce?

Which window/box are you working on?