Accurate progress bar[Official thread]
@glutanimate I continued a bit what you did…

Hope you like my improvementsHope you like my improvements :smiling_face:


I just added your accurate progress bar for Anki. I appreciate the add-on. I have one problem. With some of the decks the total number of cards listed is not accurate. Even if I include all the due cards and all the cards I have not seen, it still does not add up to the total listed on the progress bar.

For example, I went through one deck. When I was done it said New: 0; Learning: 9; Review: 0; and Unseen:32, Buried: 0. Yet the total cards on the progress bar is listed as 133.

The total number of cards in the deck is 150. 118 are listed as Learned; and 32 are Unseen.

Not sure what the problem is. Any help would be appreciated.


Can you share the deck with me?

Yes, I could, but I think I’ve figured out how the number is calculated.

For example, I have a deck with no cards due today. In the progress bar it says 23/67. So the deck says it is finished for now, but the progress bar says there are 44 left to go. If I look at some of the stats, I see that there are 22 new cards that are not due today, because I have set a limit on how many new cards I have to do in any given day. It lists 14 cards that are categorized as learning. None of them are due today, but they are marked as learning. 6 cards are listed as buried. And 2 more cards are going to be due later today. So starting with 23 and adding the 22 new cards, the 14 learning cards, the 6 buried cards, and the 2 that will be due later today, comes to 67, which is what is listed (23/67). So it includes not just the cards due right now, but also any new cards, learning cards, buried cards, and cards due later that day.

Then the question is, can I configure it differently? I opened your configuration file and made some changes, but there was no effect. For example, I opened config.json and changed one setting to “dockArea”: “Top”. Then I saved the file, closed and reopened Anki, and the bar is still on the bottom.

Then I opened the meta.json file and made changes to that file instead. That did appear to accept one of my changes, but not the “dockArea”: “Top” change.

Hey I just wanted to add my experience to this issue as requested in response to my add-on review.

It seems to me that the progress bar is counting every card from the initial state of the deck. Either that or it is counting cards that aren’t due today, or both. I have a deck that I have been adding to weekly, but also pruning cards off of as I go through it, and the progress bar number is off even the total number of the cards in the deck. I think it’s more likely that it is counting reviews/repeats somehow, even ones that aren’t due. I went into the config and changed the New card count to 1 and the number is still off.

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