Accidentally deleted 450 cards

I accidentally deleted 450 cards. Time has passed as I have sought support. My test is this Friday. It would be wonderful to restore these cards so that I may review them tomorrow. Support instructed me to go to this link:

However, the link instructs to go to “File Menu” and “Open Back up”. I do not have any of these. I am on the free version b/c I am studying for a certification and only need Anki for a few months.

Any assistance is appreciated.

Hi, sorry to hear of your struggle!

You can find the “Open Backup…” button on the Profiles window, which you can get to by clicking "File" -> "Switch Profile"


Another way to get to your backup folder is by clicking “Tools” → “Addons” → then in the Addon window select “View Files” From there you need to “step out” of the current folder into Anki2, select your user and then backups.

The files are sorted by date. Open the one you want to restore. You can try around a bit until you find the backup where the notes are still here.

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Anki is completely free, you only need to pay for the iOS app. Are you sure you have Anki installed? See AnkiApp is not part of the Anki ecosystem - Frequently Asked Questions.

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I do not have a Profiles window. This is what I keep being instructed to do - but to no avail. Here is a screen shot of what I have. When I click on all the clickables, no Profiles window appears.

My macbook pro is old and I cannot download the most recent version of Anki Web. Could this be the issue?

That’s the web view. The profiles window is in the Anki desktop app. Did you ever use that one, it makes backups? Also you sync between the app and the web service to keep data around.

Here is a screenshot of my Anki desktop App. When I open the App, this is what I see. Have never seen “profile”, etc. Sure appreciate your replies to assist!

Menu, File- Switch Profile (as mentioned in the second response above ^^^). The switch profile dialog also opens up when you start Anki desktop and you have more than one profile. So I suspect you only have one profile just now.

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Thank you KHS. But as the images show, I do not have this string of instruction to follow. Where are >> Menu, File?