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After updating to V2.42
The steps in cards and setting are NOT SAME, it’s very uncomfortable, can anyone tell me why(may be the new scheduler…) and how to make it same?

PS: my anki on Win10, iPhone, iPad share this condition.

From The Anki 2.1 scheduler - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Learning cards have 4 buttons instead of 3 - Hard repeats the current step after the first step, and is the average of Again and Good on the first step. Seems you can only set Again(1st number) and Good(2nd number).

So 5min(hard) = [2min(again)+8min(good)]/2.

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So now i have FOUR learning steps is because of the new scheduler?

No. You still have as many steps as you set in your deck options. Steps are the intervals that will be used if you only press Good. Again and Hard will keep you within these steps for a longer time, while Easy will kick you out of the steps.

Like @zhushenli said:

  1. If you press Hard on the first step, the interval will be the average of step 1 and 2 - Again and Good (in your case (2+8)/2 = 5).

  2. If you press Hard on any following step, it will simply repeat the current step instead of moving on to the next.

Some Advice

Your steps are pretty close together (assuming they’re set in minutes). You’re only using your very-short-term memory here and the difference between Hard, Good and Easy is negligible. I recommend spreading them out over a greater timespan, e.g.: 10 120 1440 5760 (and for Easy maybe 6 days).


Thank you for your grear advice! But I really want to know why my learning steps have THREE before I updated the scheduler…The little unknow change always gets me mad :joy:

I think there was a misunderstanding on learning steps here. I think you already got it, but for the record:
The buttons do not represent the steps - they represent the next interval after pressing them. The new scheduler just added another way of setting your interval (Hard).

You still have three steps.
See the chapter on learning in the manual for more info on steps.

Also, the part on the learning phase in this video (minute 12:38, but it should start there automatically) could help you here.


Can’t thank you more!! I GOT it!

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FYI, Same video on bilibili
Guide to Anki Intervals and Learning Steps

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FYI, two articles on step settings. If you find other good stuffs, please share.
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okkkk!Thanks again!