About the Review Heatmap DISPLAY

As you can see in the picture below, the Heatmap disappears in deck and is normal in main screen.

Can anyone help me out?
Thank you a lot!!

Click “Stats”, you can find heatmap in Calendar
Give me another like, thanks :relaxed:

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第二个就是,统计里(status)里的热图,他不会“显示第二天,甚至第三天等往后的日子”的复习数目…感谢你的回复 like给你啦

这个问题就是 没更新之前 某个deck在今日的计划完成后,calendar依然有,但是现在更新版本后 消失了?(如果我没记错的话…)我怎么突然感觉一直都是这样的情况呢我晕了😵

You can find future review number on Stat → Future due.

老乡好 :blush:,我们在人家的地盘最好还是用英语,这样大家都能看得懂,想必也是你学习英语的初衷。

Because dae move all statistics info into the Stat panel. 还有我的英语也磕磕绊绊的,看得懂就好。

It’s always uncomfortable for me to adapt these little or big changes in a short time.
You’re right. It’s better to speak English here lol
It seems that you have known Anki very familiarly(I am sometimes still confused for some parameters although i have been used it for a long time)
Thank you so much for your kind and detailed replies!

Actually, I just use default settings(perhaps due to laziness).
But thanks to your curiosity, now I am trying to understand the mechanism and find an optimal setting working for me.

@blues Maybe you will like this add-on, which allows you to display the Anki stats on the other screens.

Disclaimer: I’m the add-on author :sweat_smile:


That‘s amazing, I have already been using it! Thank you!