Ability to bypass anki addon version check?

Hey all,
I need to update an addon which isn’t yet available for 2.1.43.
The repository on github isn’t being updated, so I can’t clone the addon from source.
Is it possible to edit the anki code so I can download the updated addon without downgrading anki?
I looked into addons.py, but it haven’t got a clue as to where to edit things.
Thanks for your help!

Could you just not install an older version of Anki in another location, configure it to store data in another folder, install that addon, and then grab the addon files?
Then, and I’m not sure about this part, but the addon’s meta.json details the minimum and maximum version of Anki that addon supports, so you could try modifying that?

I tried that, but when I download an older version of anki and install it with make, it still shows 2.1.43. Maybe something’s wrong with a previous installation of anki. I’m running Manjaro x64.
I have no access to any of the files, in fact I already did the meta.json trick with another addon and it worked flawlessly. It’s just that this addon (Migaku Dictionary), doesn’t push its code to github.

Sorry for the late reply, but I have no experience with Linux, though I do find it odd that one cannot access Anki’s addon files in any OS.

I found this GitHub repo, is that not what you’re looking for?

Hey, yep. That’s the repo. But it’s being updated outside of that repo, apparently internally and directly to ankiweb. So I can’t manually copy the files nor update from within anki because my version is newer. There must be a way to bypass addon version check, right?