Ability to add more preset colors to the whiteboard color panel

whiteboard is a great feature of Ankidroid, highly expected also by users of Anki Desktop and Anki Mobile.
Thanks to the devs combining efforts here Change whiteboard pen color while reviewing by infinyte7 · Pull Request #6550 · ankidroid/Anki-Android (github.com)
now we have the option to choose from five colors (native white, plus yellow, red, green and blue added). So now the whiteboard has the right to be called ‘colorboard’ ))
It’s especially good for the CKJ learners, I personally defined 5 colors to memorize tones (1th tone orange, 2nd green, 3rd purple, 4th red, 5th grey) and now am using it everywhere possible and it gives some result (sometimes when I think of a hanzi’s tone I see it in its tone color sooner than the old method I used - tone numbers/diacritics).

Feature suggestions:

  1. Give a user the ability to add/adjust the preset colors (in the app’s options or at least in the .xml files developers talked about; sadly I didn’t find the color setting xml :unamused: perhaps it’s hidden deep inside the Anki app).
  2. Allow to pin a little panel with the preset colors while in the review window (when the whiteboard is activated) to change the pen color with a single tap (essential for writing hanzi of different tones)