Dark mode for AnkiWeb, WYSIWYG editor for that and AnkiDroid


Right now I’m using Anki on multiple devices, and my preferred device would be my desktop or laptop. However, my laptop is currently undergoing repairs and there may be times where I cannot as easily access my desktop.

I do have a tablet with AnkiDroid installed, but I don’t find it as useful for learning new material on it because of a lack of a WYSIWYG editor - I would prefer if AnkiDroid (and AnkiWeb) had this so I don’t have to mess around with HTML to add color and other memorable formatting for the text (which I can use, but which I believe is less efficient for my learning needs, I use Anki to prepare for interviews and to learn how to drive).

I’d like the same to be done for AnkiWeb but I’d also like there to be a dark mode for that platform, considering that I use AnkiWeb on public computers and most of my existing cards have been made with only dark mode in mind.

I believe I would not be the only one who could benefit from this, and I look forward to hearing back soon.