A way to visualize decks

Hi, guys. Is there a way to make it easier to visualize the number of cards of each deck? I find it hard to link the numbers to the decks (maybe I need glasses haha). I ned at least something like a line like this one that I added in the picture:

Another question: is there a way to make Anki display the decks from the top to the bottom according to the number of cards to review? Like… in the picture, “QC_ADM” would be above “JT2022”

You could make the separator lines a bit darker with the add-on ReColor - AnkiWeb, which enables you to modify Anki’s color palette. E.g.:


The color variable in question is --faint-border - in the add-on you’ll find it under “General” → “Faint Border”. Please bear in mind that this will also affect other parts of Anki’s UI that use this color.


Currently it is not possible to choose a different deck sorting method.

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It worked, thanks!