A problem with Latex-scaling (HTML probably)

When displaying my Latex-code the following always happens:
The Latex-text gets scaled with some factors (depending on the screen size),
and as I use Latex-text multiple places - these are sometimes scaled differently.
One degenerate example is the following.

Edit: notice what I’m reffering to is the fact, that the ‘page 4’ part doesn’t scale with the other latex-text. For context - these are different fields, and they’re therefore also with their own ‘[latex][/latex]’-delimiters.

I want to accurately be able to use the Latex-font-size specifiers (such the text is accurately scaled wrt. these). Is this a feature/bug of the Anki Latex-delimiter interpretation? Is this caused by the HTML-code I’m currently using? Is it possible to force the Latex-text to scale uniformly with each other (as they’re technically pngs - right?)?

I apologise if this seems benign.

Some context:
This ‘problem’ occurs both on my iPad and Mac (+iPhone if that matters).
I’m using my own HTML-code (this could be the problem).

Anki’s LaTeX support works by creating an image for each of your LaTeX blocks, and those images are subject to any css styling that affects img tags. If you’re not relying on things only possible with LaTeX, you may want to experiment with using MathJax blocks instead, as they may be more consistent. Math & Symbols - Anki Manual

I’ll modify my css file then.
Thanks for the response:)

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