500: JsonError { info: "decoding models: JsonError" }

I tried contacting support by mail and everything but I got no answers, when this message spawns, I search on google and people with the same error message got no answers PLEASE HELP

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Perhaps if you add more information about what you are doing when you get this error, someone will be able to give you some advice.

The OP is trying to import an .apkg file, and is receiving that error apparently. I asked them the following questions privately, and did not get a reply:

That looks like it may be an issue with the .apkg file you imported. Did you download it from ankiweb.net? If so, could you link me to the shared deck so I can try import it?

One thing you could try is to go into preferences>profiles, and create a fresh profile. If you open that new profile and then try import the file again, does it work, or do you get a blank screen again?

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Hi, i have the same problem. The instructions you gave its equal in spanish version?. Preferences is in “tools” menu, but there is nothing similar you said.
I just tried to drag the apkg file in anki app but the error code persits. I did the same with the another files and it worked with no problem. Why could be the issue?

Thanks for your help

To create a new profile:
File > Switch Profile > Add

Then try importing that apkg into the new profile.

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Sorry for the confusion, I did mean to write File>Switch Profile there. Do you get the same error when importing into the new profile?

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