2X learning curve

This feature could improve memorizing a lot. I believe.

Problem: flash-cards with question-answer schema force to remember in one way. Using short memory and recalling mechanics based on associations.

Idea: to reuse real memory mechanics by using simple trick by free-recalling.

Classical approach for flash-cards is

  1. Question
  2. Answer

But if we change a little:

  1. Question1

  2. Answer1

  3. Question2

  4. Answer2

  5. Answer1

  6. Question3

  7. Answer3

  8. Answer2

So it means I need to recall the previous question and answer. To access to this information and need to challenge my brain. It leads to better learning and memorizing.

The idea to show the previous answer after the current answer.

Could you add such option to anki? Maybe betta-version, just to check hypothesis.

You can create a second card type for the same note template. So card 1 is front -> back and the second is back-> front, as for instance the Basic (and reversed) template. Enabling burying for new cards will accomplish the sequence you want to accomplish.

The idea is little different. The main idea is to show the previously closed card.

1 session:
show card 2 question
show card 2 answer
show card 1 (previous) answer

During one session I need to answer to the current card. And recall the previously shown card before card 2.

2nd session:
show card 3 question
show card 3 answer
show card 2 answer (from the previous session, 1st session)

Card2 is a card from the session 1. Previous session.

So I have to recall the previous card that I learnt couple of seconds ago.

Another option is to introduce {{BackPrevious}} tag. Just to have access to previous card. It means I could use during the same session.

I see. I understand your request now. I think that could be easily incorporated, as there is now the ability to preview any cloze card in the previewer. I am not familiar with the code, but I guess it should not add much complexity.