2.16.2 upgrade is crashing my tablet if whiteboard mode is on

The tablet in question is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

It crashes immediately when I tap ‘study’ on a deck which has the whiteboard feature enabled, or if if the feature is enabled while studying.

The only way to make AnkiDroid usable after this is to delete the configuration settings in the Android software manager, and not enable the whiteboard feature until it (hopefully) gets fixed.

I already sent an error report with the app’s reporting tool.

On my phone, a note9 the feature works as intended, without crashing.

Hopefully it gets fixed sooner or later, I use the whiteboard feature in kanji learning.

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You already sent an error report with the app’s reporting tool, but in addition to that, you might want to open an issue topic on the AnkiDroid developer page, for smoother problem resolution.

The following is a quote from the developer’s reply to a review.

do you have crash reporting turned on? Can you open an issue with the debug info as specified in our issue report template? Crashes are usually easy to fix once we have a crash trace in our crash reporting database – https://github.com/ankidroid/Anki-Android/issues/new?labels=Needs+Triage&projects=&template=bug_report_form.yml

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Tried to link the issue here, but it’s not allowed, so if anyone interested, it should be issue No.14199

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