2.1.5 - Border around "Good"

Is this behavior normal? Good always has an outline/border around it.

The highlight indicates which button will be chosen when you press space, and will change when you use tab/shift tab (but it’s generally faster to use the keys 1-4 directly)

Thank you for the reply. Is there any way to disable it?

Not currently, no. With the removal of the v1 scheduler in 2.1.50, the highlight is no longer particularly useful, as the number of buttons (and thus the default button) no longer changes. So we could potentially stop doing this. What do people think?

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Perhaps we could replace it with an animation (triggerred on tab-switching) that fades out after a second or so.

I think this is more about the default highlight, not the highlight that occurs when tabbing. This PR demonstrates the change I was thinking of: Drop default Show Answer/Good highlight by dae · Pull Request #1820 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

Does anyone have an argument for why we should keep the current behaviour?

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Hi, I’m not sure if this a good enough reason the revert the change, but several add-ons change the my_defaultEase variable, without this highlighting behavior it becomes hard to see a visual indication of how exactly these addons are working in real time.

[Automatic Scoring sets the default grade (easy, good, hard &again) based on time - AnkiWeb] 1765221856

[SMART SPACEBAR: automatic ease scoring - AnkiWeb]

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