HELP: Clicking on different decks on homepage highlights them?

Hi there,

Each time I click on a new deck on my Anki homepage on the desktop app, the deck highlights entirely, a translucent white color. I would just like the deck name to not have a highlight, and instead be the normal transparent fill behind the text. How can I resolve this undesired highlighting issue? Any help would be appreciated!

The highlight exists to show you what the current deck is (which deck will be used when you add new cards/press the ‘s’ key to start studying). There isn’t an option to turn it off.

Hi! Actually, I never had this highlighting of the current deck name before. I did some customization with Anki, and tweaked some code, only to find that whenever I close and restart the application, a deck is always highlighted without me doing anything. Before, none were. I’d appreciate any follow-up:-)

The highlight has been in Anki for quite a long time. If you didn’t see it in the past, maybe you were using an add-on that altered the appearance.

You can’t turn the highlight off, but if you use an addon, you can change the color of the highlight to the same as the background. I would suggest checking out Anki-redesign if you want to change colors. It also gives the ability to change the css files for some of the main windows.

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