Would it be possible to hide only the app bar?

I want my card template to be displayed on my phone in a way that the app takes up the whole screen while leaving the status bar visible and not covering the camera cutout area with a black bar.

However, there’s no option dedicated to hiding only the app bar. Fullscreen mode hides all the system bars, so it won’t work for my needs.

How can I hide only the app bar?

AnkiDroid doesn’t seem to support the use of fullscreen mode on Android phones with a camera cutout, as the default “show/hide camera cutout” option for the app is set to “hide,” which creates a black bar on the status bar.

Sorry for my bad English, and thanks in advance.

Edge-to-edge mode isnt possible right now, but it is on the plans, so be patient.


Glad to hear that. Thanks.