Word wrap breaks on quote signs

Using CSS how might I STOP Anki from word wrapping on a quote sign? As an example, I use cloze mostly, and I’ll get cars that look like this:

Any will break a line of text at "
weird places" sometimes when looking 
at a [...] card.

I can’t reproduce this (with a non-cloze card). Are you sure you didn’t accidentally add an extra space after the first quotation mark?

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Absolutely sure. To be fair, I can’t recreate it “on demand” with a new card either, but I’ve seen it enough times with different cards to know it’s not a typo.

That said, I do have javascript that randomizes fonts and background colors; it might be that the code to word wrap happens before that JS runs, and that’s messing it up? Next time I see it I’ll play around with that.

I use remove linebreaks / do word wrap for wrap breaks, not sure if it is applicable to your question

When you click on the < > icon to look at the HTML, do you have any HTML tags there? You can get those from copy-paste sometimes. Or maybe even weird Unicode characters like zero-width space.

What happens if you just erase and re-type that one section of text?

Perhaps your words are separated by non-breaking spaces, which would prevent the usual wrapping.

I’ve been able to reproduce it. It’s not a non breaking space or any of that (I’ve been developing long enough to have checked for all those things, but the suggestions are welcome.)

It’s because I “cloze” inside the quotes. It doesn’t attach the quote signs to the words, because of the cloze delimiters.

Anki uses break-word so that cards don’t scroll horizontally. Maybe that’s related to your issue. CSS word-wrap property

<nod> Looks like no value of that property will make it break the way I would consider “normal”. The cloze delimiters I think need to be handled outside normal CSS rules as to what it considers a word.

It either breaks like this, or not at all.

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