Why does this Db Error occur?

To ask the obvious question, did you check if your have enough space on your device?

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Yes I have enough free storage on the device and on icloud as well

It occurs seemingly randomly and goes away after closing the app a few times and syncing

iCloud storage is unrelated here - it’s only the free space on your local device that matters. Is it near full? Perhaps Anki is running out of space when it tries to create a backup.

56 GB out of 60 are full. That should be enough no? If I look at the apps it shows me 1.3 GB for Anki.

It should be sufficient (backups for most users will be much smaller than 4GB), but the fact that you’re getting the error intermittently seems to imply that the amount of the free space is fluctuating. I’d recommend you try free up a few gigs of space and see if that makes the problem go away.

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