Why does Anki randomly add div tags sometimes, and sometimes no?

I was confused, because some of my cards have a double space, and some don’t.

When I inspected the HTML, I saw that Anki had used div tags sometimes, and other times no.

When Anki used the div tag, a double space occurred.

I make all my cards the same on the same computer consistently, so I am not sure what is causing the div tags to appear.

I just made a new card, and no div tags were added. Perhaps they were added in a previous version of Anki?

On a similar note, sometimes the HTML shows “rgb(170, 0, 255);” for color, other times it shows hexidecimal. What’s the deal?

Recent desktop versions try to use <br> instead of <div>...</div>.

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Thanks, and thank you for making this app. I have used it every day for 697 days, 78 minutes a day.

Thank you for the kind words, and congratulations on being so consistent!

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