Which one is better for me? Qt5 or Qt6?


Currently, I use 2.1.49 and I’ve not updated Anki yet for a long time. I am confused about which one is suitable for m, Qt5 or Qt6. I read their differences here. But still don’t know which works better for me. I use English and Persian Langugeses for my cards. Also, I use big images for some decks. Would you someone give me help to choose wisely?!

try Qt6, if you have an add-on problem, then you go with Qt5

about the big images, in the example that was show, it was a big high definition image, most jpeg images should run as fine, but again, any problems then you go with Qt5


Tried Qt6 and a few add-ons conflicted with it and didn’t work; because they’re outdated, then go with Qt5 and it’s fine and no conflict occurred with my add-ons, fortunately.

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