Where is now storage media (flathub)

I have one more question, I downloaded a newer version of Anki for Linux via the App Store, it is version 23.12.1 and now I don’t know where the storage media is, previously it was in [HOME DIRECTORY]/. local/share/Anki2, after deleting the old version it is not there, where should I now put photos, recordings for flashcards, etc.?

If it is not in ~/Anki, ~/.local/Anki2 or ~/Documents/Anki I suspect that you have installed a Snap or otherwise sandboxed version. What Linux distro are you using and which appstore did you install through?

Edit: I noticed you mentioned flathub in the title. Based on the flatpak docs:

Flatpak can operate in system-wide or per-user mode. The system-wide data (runtimes, applications and configuration) is located in $prefix/var/lib/flatpak/, and the per-user data is in $HOME/.local/share/flatpak/. Below these locations, there is a local repository in the repo/ subdirectory and installed runtimes and applications are in the corresponding runtime/ and app/ subdirectories.

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I already found it by accident,
I have it in home/.var/app…
I have Linux Mint
Thank you for your help

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