Where is Anki's database?

Manual Analysis (link below) suggests that there is a way to extract the review log information directly from Anki’s database and import it into SQLite Browser, which can export a CSV version of tables. However I couldn’t find it. Where is Anki’s database?

My goal is to monitor my stats with Google Spread Sheet to merge them with my other stats like learning time. Unfortunately, I hardly know a sort of programming (of course learning them if needed). Then I would also like to figure out whether this plan works if you can.

1.extract the review log information
2.import it into SQL Browser
3.export it as a CSV file
4.import it into Google Spreadsheet
5.manage to process it


Please let me know if my sentence does not make sense as I guess my English is bad.

Sure, it’s possible. File locations depend on your OS and are described in the manual: Managing Files - Anki Manual


Thanks a lot!
I’m going to try it.