What is the name of the font that AnkiMobile uses?


I would like to know: what font does AnkiMobile use (iPhone 11 pro, iOS 16.5.1)? The font makes it easy for me to distinguish angle brackets ‘⟨⟩’, which may not be confused with the less-than-sign or greater-than-sign ‘<>’, from round brackets ‘()’, a useful feature.

First I suspected the ostensible iPhone default font ‘SF Pro’, but it is rather different.

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That will depend on the font specified in your card template. If you tap on the cog, then scroll down to card template, a font is probably mentioned in the styling section.

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A font is specified in the styling section, but it does not affect the font in AnkiMobile. As far as I am informed, a device can only use the locally installed fonts, that is, I can use ‘Times New Roman’ on a PC with Windows, though this font is not included in the default font-set of an iPhone. The fonts on my desktop and iPhone look quite different.

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The font on the screenshot is Times New Roman. Angle brackets are easy to distinguish cause Times New Roman does not have ⟨⟩ characters defined, so they are displayed with a different fallback font.

Thank you, it is indeed ‘Times New Roman’. So what is the name of the fallback font then? I know this question might probably be a tough one.

By the way, I do not use ‘Times New Roman’. I just mentioned ‘Times New Roman’ on Windows as an example, in actual fact, it is ‘SF Pro Rounded’ on Arch Linux, the font given in the styling section.

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Unfortunately I don’t own an iDevice to test it and guessing a font from a single character is next to impossible. If you really want to know that exact font, you could try to check computed styles of a webpage rendered in safari on iPhone with remote debugging, but that seems a bit complicated for finding out a name of a font just for 2 characters.
Instead i would recommend you find a font that you like on https://fonts.google.com . All of them are free and you could set it up so both your phone and desktop will use it.

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Thank you for your answer. I already solved the problem by creating an own font with the program ‘FontForge’, then adding the font to the media collection so as to transfer it to AnkiMobile. This proved to be a satisfactory solution for me.

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