Weird syncing issue on Mac

I get the following error when I try to sync on my Mac. The sync apparently goes through, but I receive this error message and my media files don’t sync properly.

loError ("unable to read
No such file or directory (os error 2)")

I can’t find reference to this anywhere else. Does anyone have any ideas?

If you do Tools > Check Media, what does it show you?


It says:

Trash folder: ⁨⁨7498⁩ files, ⁨310.44⁩MB⁩
Missing files: ⁨3401⁩
Unused files: ⁨3870⁩

and then lists the missing and unused files.

That error looks a bit odd - did you manually type it in instead of copying and pasting it? Do you have a file resembling that name in your media folder?

It is a weird error, but that’s definitely what it’s saying. I can’t seem to include a link or an image in this post but a screenshot is available at imgur … /a/R5mFOk3

Can’t see a file with that name in my folder

Nothing with a similar prefix? If you log out in the preferences screen (which will reset the pending media log) and then sync again, does the issue remain?

No, screenshots of my folder are at imgur /5JRtm1n and /AEIddPK. You will see that I do have lots of files with long jumbles of letters and numbers, but they all have dashes and none start with 69.

I logged out, closed Anki, restarted Anki and synced (logging back in) and I still get the error as well as the “your decks here an on AnkiWeb differ in such a way…” message - although I’m not sure why that would be the case since yesterday. Even if I download from AnkiWeb to get a “clean start”, the error still persists on sync.

Please send me your AnkiWeb email on so I can look up your online media

I can’t see any oddities in your online account. Please run the following in the debug console, then copy&paste it into your private ticket.