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I’m using AnkiWeb and I’d like to delete a card. Based on my searches, this seems to be a very common issue. I found the documentation at docs dot ankiweb dot net slash browsing.html and this left me confused. I do not see anything that you mention on the screenshots. There is no “Browse”, pressing B does not do anything, I don’t have a search tool and no sidebar.

Could you please specify what went wrong here? Isn’t docs dot ankiweb dot net intended for AnkiWeb?

This is how it looks like for me:


PS: I think it should be allowed to add links to ankiweb itself.

You will need to download the desktop app. The official Anki apps are listed in this website.

@C-Otto How did you end up making an account there? If you access AnkiWeb without an account it shows you the about page which mentions it is only a companion to be used along with the apps.

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Thanks. Just to make clear, the AnkiWeb documentation is not for AnkiWeb? Where can I find documentation for the “AnkiWeb” I’m using?

I never used the desktop app and, in fact, I didn’t know it existed. I created my account a while ago and used google to find the feature (deleting a card) I was looking for. I think that this is a rather sensible approach, as relying on forgotten information is kind of brittle (I wouldn’t need to use AnkiWeb if I had a great memory…).

Could you please somehow indicate that AnkiWeb and AnkiWeb are different? Maybe pick different names?

PS: I can’t click your link.



Ah, thanks. I’d prefer not using an app, but I guess it might be necessary for advanced features like deleting something.

Nevertheless, could you please (acknowledge and) fix the confusion caused by the documentation? I’d say my questions above are valid concerns.

What’s the mistake? If you’re talking about https://docs.ankiweb.net/
If you read this in order, you almost immediately come across
Platform Notes - Anki Manual

The way Anki is installed, and the possible problems you may encounter, depend on the type of computer you are using.

If you use deep links, you don’t come across specific sites. The main purpose of search engines is to provide deep links, and you even provide some of those in this forum. Regardless, I don’t see how the quoted note is supposed to help. There’s no differentiation, no checklist.

Please, for the sake of the argument, try to be as dumb as I am. You use ankiweb on the domain ankiweb dot net. You have some kind of issue with that. You find docs dot ankiweb dot net. The documentation uses the very same (domain) name, but confusingly does not refer to the same product.

That’s confusing, and I hope you agree.

Please make this distinction clear, that’s all I’m asking. “Documentation for the web version is here, documentation for the app is here.”

I don’t know how to do this without adding nasty disclaimers on every page, but I’m not a UI/UX person. Maybe it helps using a new domain (ankiapps dot net) for non-web Anki stuff?

EDIT: To clarify, I’m extremely happy with AnkiWeb and I’m a daily user. There’s nothing wrong with it, aside from the documentation issue (and maybe lack of features - but I don’t want to be a choosing beggar…).

You hear about Anki. Search it on Google. Go to apps.ankiweb.net and learn that you Install it on your device. Either this or you access ankiweb.net which has the same information in the About section.

It’s confusing only when you presume ankiweb is a product in itself.

I don’t think there’s documentation for the web version but I could be wrong.

I think even after this, most people will just naturally come to know about the apps, if they didn’t before. Ankiweb mentions the desktop/mobile clients when you’re trying to change a setting from review screen. It also does the same in “Media” and I already mentioned the About page that you’re redirected to when you aren’t logged in.

The Web traffic if everyone did it😭

(edit: what do people here think of adding a short disclaimer in the login/register account page itself)

Please don’t change the premise of my argument. If you start by using ankiweb on the domain ankiweb dot net, you’re not using the app. We’re talking about two different things then. And yes, I think anki web is a product. A project. A thing. I use it, on a daily basis. What is it, if not a product/project/thing? It works, and I’m grateful for it!

To clarify, there may be app users, and maybe that’s more common than using AnkiWeb. I’m not talking about these cases, though. I’m specifically talking about the case of users using AnkiWeb. Please let me know if that wasn’t clear.

I am not arguing that ankiweb is not a product. I’m saying it’s a paintbrush used along with paint. It’s meant to be a companion product. If you know how to use the apps you’ll know how to use AnkiWeb. There is no different documentation. You read the manual for even the mobile apps.

The premise of the argument is intact. You can not start using AnkiWeb unless you decide not to read the About page. I don’t think you just went to the login page straight. In any case, there is a potential for confusion and I think whatever could be done has been done (I told you about all the places the apps are mentioned) , except this one maybe —

@dae Can there be a short disclaimer at login/register of AnkiWeb that states that this is a companion product of Anki apps and a link to the page at ankisrs.net or is it unnecessary?

Well, I don’t. I don’t use the apps.

Ankiweb.net is the primary domain for the Anki ecosystem of software. I’m sorry that was confusing to you. When you first accessed AnkiWeb, you would have reached the landing page at https://ankiweb.net/about, which explains what it is pretty clearly –

Whatever deep link you reached in the manual, and even if you didn’t look any further past that, it still said at the top what it was –

I’m not sure there is anything in the documentation that needs to be fixed. There is a lot of the manual that talks about things relevant to using AnkiWeb, including the basic concepts of spaced repetition, and Anki’s system of notes-templates-cards, etc.

Of course it’s fine for you to use AnkiWeb on its own, without using any of the apps! It looks like, at some point in this thread, encouraging you to use Anki to get access to a fuller set of features turned unnecessarily into flogging you for not using Anki.

I’m not sure what turns you off from using the main program (for Windows, MacOS, or Linux), but yes, you’ll be missing a lot of functionality without that. AnkiWeb is designed to be dependent on Anki.


Thanks. If I don’t see an advantage of using an app, I don’t want to use it. There are security implications, there’s the hassle of keeping it updated, and as a Linux user I tend to only use programs that Debian already provides (apt-get) so that I don’t have to deal with security updates/library stuff/… issues. In short, if I can do whatever I need to do in my browser, I’m fine using the browser. This, by the way, also holds for Outlook and Teams (which I have to use for work).

And regarding the “About” text: you’re absolutely right, it’s clear enough. I’m sure I’ve already read it, but I simply forgot that AnkiWeb is not the “app” I’m supposed to use. I’ll use some kind of app (Android might fit the bill) to delete my card, and move on with AnkiWeb.

You seemed like someone who had given it thought and those are totally understandable reasons!

Advice about Debian Linux is outside my wheelhouse (far, far outside :sweat_smile: ), but I can strongly endorse AnkiDroid, the Anki companion project for Android. It’s available in the Google Play Store (link to the apps page was posted above) – and there are alternate ways to access it through F-Droid and GitHub if you prefer.

I got it, it’s great as far as I can see. However, I prefer having a 38" screen, a regular keyboard and good speakers for whatever I’m doing. The app is good enough to delete a card, though :slight_smile:

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I want to make a suggestion. The deck options screen that you access from a menu after long-pressing a deck, will have a lot of useful settings. It is you who will decide whether they are useful or not of course, but I have almost annointed myself to promote an option called FSRS to anyone who might not be using it. FSRS basically determines when you review your cards and I believe it’s much better at this than Anki-without-FSRS. If you happen to not like it then of course you can simply turn it off, but I believe that will not be the case. I almost never see people not like FSRS for reasons other than “I want to have more customisations” or a vague “It is just bad”. I hope you at least try this.

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