Variation Selector is stripped, wrong glyph is shown

I’m seeing an issue in Anki 2.1.40 (and 2.1.35) where the Variation Selector character is stripped from a note field. This causes the wrong CJK glyph to be shown.

Steps to reproduce the issue:

Create a basic card, and paste the character 羽 into its fields. This is U+FA1E. I believe it is equivalent to U+7FBD+U+FE00, where FE00 is Variation Selector 1. The 4 internal strokes in this character should all go the same direction: “/ / / /”. Add the card to a deck.

Now, view the card in the card browser, or preview or study the card.

Observed result: The glyph has changed from 羽 to 羽, where the 4 internal strokes point in opposing directions: “\ / \ /”. The character has been changed from U+FA1E to U+7FBD. Or, the VS1 character U+FE00 has been removed.

It’s helpful to test these characters by pasting them at this page: What Unicode character is this ?

I am using Ubuntu 20.10.

I’ve updated the docs:


Thank you so much!