V3 scheduling and parent deck options

Recently tried the V3 scheduler and really like a lot of the changes to more scheduling options. However, I started to think about my option groups.

Most of my Anki are vocab words mined from books. Here’s how my deck tree looks like:

  • Vocab (DEFAULT)
    • Book Series X (DEFAULT)
      • Book, Series X, Vol 1 (MY OPTION GROUP)
      • Book, Series X, Vol 2 (MY OPTION GROUP)
    • Book Asdf (MY OPTION GROUP)
  • Writing (DEFAULT2)
    • Level 3 (OPTION GROUP 2)

Basically the Default option group just acts as a dummy option group, since it has to have something. But I can’t give everything my actual options group, because then I would not get the two new cards a day from each deck that I specified (because the root deck max new cards as 2 would limit it). It’s a bit weird but I don’t know if there’s any other way. In addition, I needed to create now another dummy DEFAULT2, because I want the display order for new cards to be random there. But all the other deck options come from subdecks? Talk about confusing!

I also want to just keep everything collapsed and click Vocab and study everything. I have dozens of decks so going through them individually is not an option. But now with V3 the ordering comes from the deck you click instead of globally. It feels a bit unintuitive I have to change my DUMMY deck options instead of my “actual options”

I’m a bit scared/confused how to know which options come from the deck and which from the subdeck. I hope nothing else but the display order options, otherwise it will majorly mess up the intervals? I don’t really see why everything is not determined by the subdeck options? What if I want to some subdecks words to come randomly and some in order? Clickin the root deck forces it’s own behaviour on everything…

Options are taken from each card’s deck where it makes sense to do so, but for options that affect how cards are gathered/sorted as a whole, options can be taken from only one place. Anki uses the deck you click on in that case, so you can do things like have a separate display order for your writing deck.

It has been suggested that daily limits be adjustable separately from deck options, and such a change may come in the future.

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