Using -b with Anki Version ⁨23.12.1 for old AppData folder


I recently copied my old Anki folder from 2017 onto my new computer which is running Anki 23. I have the shortcut set like this: C:\Users\bj\AppData\Local\Programs\Anki\anki.exe -b C:\Users\bj\Documents\AppData\Anki2. I have around 20 different profiles, each with a different language. However, when I open Anki, it just created a new, empty profile “User1” and doesn’t display any of my other languages or profiles. I do see the “User 1” folder in the targeted Anki2 folder, but Anki 23 is not recognizing any of the other folders in that folder. What’s going on, and how do I fix it? Do I have to downgrade Anki?

Thank you!

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i am using 23.12, i dont have problem with that -b parameter.
win10, qt6.


Thank you. Windows 11 here, build 22621. I am stuck.

I noticed that when it opens the new folder, it creates a new database called prefs21.db. The .db file I had before was prefs.db. I tried renaming it to prefs21.db but it didn’t work. It never recognizes the other profiles in the Anki2 folder. It just creates a User1 profile and leaves the other folders alone.

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Do you know what version you were last using? I’m thinking in 2017 that was pre-2.1, right?

But I haven’t found anything about special 2.0-to-2.1 upgrade steps – Changes in Anki 2.1 - ChangesAnki 2.0 support has ended - Frequently Asked Questions – so the database should be compatible. And the location is obviously fine – Managing Files - Anki Manual . Let’s see if there are any 2.0 veterans around that have suggestions. :grin:

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If you’ve put your old profile folders in the correct location, you can add new profiles with the same names inside Anki, and the old data should be picked up when you open the profile.


That’s the solution! Thank you!

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