Update a Field on review


I want to create a note type where a random question/answer combination is selected and persists for the 1st day of learning, that also works on mobile.

So lets say I have a card with random question answer combos like this:
option 1: Q: 1+1 A: 2
option 2: Q: 2+3 A: 5
option 3: Q: 4+4 A: 8

Then I want the behavior to be that it randomly selects option 1, 2 or 3, and only show that option on the card, but it should persist on the first day:

1m step: option 2
10m step: option 2
1d step: option 2
3d step: could be any of the options
7d step: could be any of the options

To select a random question and make it persistent on 1 showing, I can use JS methods. But to make it persistent over days, I have to rely to other methods. This add-on does it, but only works for desktop: addon number: 744725736 .
However, i would be able to set a FieldValue once reviewing a card, I could set the current date in that field en when loading the card, I could count the days that have passed and based on that select a new option, or keep the old one.

So, is it possible to set a value in a field when reviewing a card? Or are there other methods to achieve my goals?

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