Unordered List Automatically

Hey guys, I’ll ask you a question about my problem. It’s not an error. It’s just a thing I wanna know whether I can do it or not. I learn English through Anki. I copy-paste example sentences of the phrasal that I try to learn. I have a field named “Example” and I paste these sentences there when I’m creating cards. After I paste the sentence, I click unordered list button to make it a bulleted sentence. I do it manually. The thing I wanna ask is “Is there a way of doing it automatically?” I mean when I paste the sentence to “Example” field, I want it to make it an unordered list sentence automatically. I don’t wanna do it manually. Is there a way of doing this? If you know, please share with me! Thank you!

If the example consists of a single sentence, then it is easy to do.


If there are several, then wait for other answers or use several fields.


Thank you man! You solved my problem. I don’t know much about coding that’s why I couldn’t solve the problem. Anyways. Also with this code there is no unordered list at first glance but when you previewed or studied the card, there is!(These sentences are for people who thought there were no unordered listed sentences after you pasted the code. You need to click Manage Note Types → Select the note you’re using → Click cards button → Paste the code on back template)

Edit a note using the toolbar
and look at how it looks in html
This code can be used in the card template.
I’m also afraid that the entries that you manually added to the unordered list will now look like this:


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