Unifying the expression of "Full Sync" on various platforms

As shown in the picture below, “Full Sync” has been inconsistently expressed on various platforms for a long time, so the translations are also inconsistent.

For example, different translations in Chinese often cause confusion for new users. Especially users who are not familiar with computer operation and software operation.

They are already unfamiliar with this concept. Coupled with the inconsistency in translation, users often encounter problems and do not know where to set up.

I hope this expression can be unified and they will appreciate your work.


Reported in Ankidroid Unifying the expression of "Full Sync" on various platforms · Issue #15831 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub

For Desktop :+1:

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I’ve changed the iOS label to “One-Way Sync”. I didn’t want to break the existing translations, so it won’t show up as a change on Pontoon.


As an expert user, you may think this is irrelevant.

But when I teach students to use Anki, these three inconsistent statements are one of the most frequent questions.

I think it would be more friendly to novice users if the same expression could be used to refer to the same meaning.

off topic:

any one knows in windows,
what does the 1st and 3rd item mean?

  1. synchronize audio and images too,

  2. periodically sync media

my logic:
1st, if i checked “3”, the item in “1” must be included
2nd, if i checked “1”, then “3” is correct when i have new files, isn’t it?

what i guess could be reasonable,
is that after checking “1”, a sync will also syn audio and images, otherwise wont.

and if “3” is checked, SOMETIMES anki will also check the whole media collection?


ps: nothing is written in manual for the “3”!


Synchronize audio and images too
When enabled, media will also be synced with AnkiWeb.

Automatically sync on profile open/close
Disable this if you don’t want an automatic sync with AnkiWeb when opening / closing a profile.

Periodically sync media

On next sync, force changes on one direction
When this option is enabled, the next sync will ask you whether you wish to upload or download. This is useful if you have made some changes accidentally, and wish to overwrite them with an older version that is on AnkiWeb.

Please don’t ask a completely unrelated question in someone else’s post. Flagging it as off-topic doesn’t make it better.

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Thanks for reviving this post

Work is being continued in Ankidroid

@dae Can desktop change to One-Way Sync as well?

If the user doesn’t understand what it is, they can use Help in bottom right

Please use the Check Database function, then sync again. If problems persist, please force a full sync in the preferences screen.

On next sync, force changes in one direction

Does One way sync have a confirmation prompt? if yes, could you share the message?

I’ve changed the remaining strings from ‘full’ to ‘one-way’.


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