Unformatted Code Detector

Detects unformatted code and gives a warning before posting.

Unformatted Code Detector - theme-component - Discourse Meta

Sorry, I don’t think that one is available on hosted accounts.

You can install themes and theme components on those hosted options without restriction
Development life cycle with Discourse hosting - #2 by Stephen - hosting - Discourse Meta

Plugins are limited, but themes components aren’t

Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the distinction. I’ve enabled this, but it defaults to being off for regular users, so I haven’t confirmed it’s working with a new user account.

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Well, unformatted CSS doesn’t affect it, and no one else has to test that. :sweat_smile:

Your account is not recently created, so it may not be active for you. But it may also not notice CSS - I don’t know.

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