[UNANSWERED] Can you search the database from a note?

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Hello ! I was wondering if it was possible to search the notes database from a note ? Here’s one of the thing I am trying to achieve more precisely :

I have the Wanikani 2 deck which contains notes for kanjis and vocabulary words. For every Kanji card, I would like to show fields from vocabulary notes which contain the given Kanji.
Ideally, I shouldn’t have to batch edit the database every time I add my own notes to the deck, it would save a lot of efforts if it updated itself automatically !

Is is possible to achieve this in any way ? If not, how are queries usually made and what is preventing me from doing so ?
I am willing to learn the necessary languages if required.

Thank you a lot in advance for you answers.

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I thought I wait with my response until someone more knowledgeable has chimed in. But here is what I think I know:

Currently there is no universal JavaScript API for easy access to the database via the template (I hope I’m wrong with this.)
AnkiDroid has implemented one though.

I think it will take some time until there is a shared API in the Anki ecosystem, but it would be really useful.