Unable to sync between MacBook and my iPhone

I have created a deck on my desktop which is unable sync with my phone.
it says unable to connect with Anki web and requests to try later.

What Anki version are you using in your Mac Book?

Have updated to the latest version released a few days ago

It appears you’ve got some nul characters in your fields or tags, which should not be there. Did you import them from an external source? The text that’s causing the issue appears to be ’ #chap2\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00\x00 ’

Wil it resolve if I delete the null characters

I’ve deleted ‘#’ from tags but it is still not able to sync. One deck is not getting uploaded at all. I can’t see the deck ’ grabb and smith’ on my iPhone app.

It’s not the # character that’s the problem, it’s the nul characters. How did you get the material into Anki, and what version were you using when you added it?

I believe Tools>Check Database in the latest version should remove them for you.

I’ve updated to 2.1.30 standard recently. There is no option of tools in the interface I have.

It says database rebuilt and optimized on checking database in tools

Please force a one way sync in the preferences screen, upload, and then let me know when you’ve done so and I’ll take a look.

Done the forced sync in one direction.

Thank you, Check Database in the next beta version will remove the bad data. How did you add those tags into Anki?

‘Check Database in the next beta version’ ??? What does that mean.
I just added tags while adding new flash cards nothing special.
On checking database it still says rebuilt and optimized.
Am I good to go now???
I need to work on anki and add new cards , can I do that now.

Thank you so much … It is synced.!!!

You’ll need to install the latest beta and use Check Database again, or the next time you edit one of those notes, the error will occur again.

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Hi Guillem,
I am actually using the app on my iPad. I use Mac only for business :blush:.
I assume it is the last version of the app because I downloaded it only in July -August.

I decided to stick with the App after all, because it retains the images from google :blush:. I did the database check too. I don’t really know what the app version I have, but because I only downloaded it several weeks ago, I assume it the latest. Thank you so very much for your responses.


I am sorry to bother you, but would you be willing to let me know where you found a Grabb and Smith Anki deck? Thanks, I appreciate the help