Unable to see type-in-answer input box {{type:[Field]}}


I am unable to get the type in answer text input box to show up. It shows in the coding screens, but does not show on card preview. Any ideas? I’m using 2.1.37, no add-ons.

The input is chinese, but even if i change the Field to an english/roman letter field, the input box still does not appear on preview or review. Also, does not work even if I remove TTS and other fields.


This is on purpose; the input box doesn’t appear in the preview screen.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t appear in the review screen though. Maybe try starting Anki without add-ons? Or maybe you have CSS or javascript code messing up with it?
See https://faqs.ankiweb.net/when-problems-occur.html

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Thank you for confirming it doesn’t appear in preview. I checked it again, and it now appears in the review. Maybe I had code that was messing it up before.