Typing in another language on Linux

I am using Anki to learn Korean. I have a Raspberry Pi that I attached an eInk screen to to show me random words throughout the day as a I sit at my desk. At the moment I am stuck on version 2.1.15 because something in later updates broke the “AnkiConnect” add-on for use with my Raspberry Pi (which connects to my Anki running on my desktop), so I’m hoping there’s something I can do to keep this version of Anki and be able to type in Korean on the Linux Desktop version of Anki.

At the moment, Anki is the only application I have that, when I switch to Korean on my keyboard, it will not register anything at all. I can copy and paste Korean in to cards and I can see Korean when I look at individual cards, but I cannot type directly in to a card. At the browsing level, all Korean characters are blocks instead of Korean characters, but I can live with that. I want to be able to make my own cards and it seems that’s not possible - at least not in a direct fashion.

If it helps: I am on Manjaro with iBus as my input method and Cinnamon as my window manager.