Typing Answer: 'Type-Answer-Box' only if needed?

My main Note Type is set up so that the Answer can be typed in; i.e. {{type:Answer}}.

I absolutely want to have this option for complicated vocabulary; but I only really need it for less than 5% of reviews (I do NOT know this in advance, though ā€¦)

The problem is that if I wanted to use the Space Bar (instead of Enter) for Show Answer, Iā€™d have to press esc before that; with 10s of 1000s of reviews, this adds up, poor esc-key ā€¦ :wink:

Seriously, is there a way, while repping, to optionally show the Answer-Type-Box ONLY when really needed?

Iā€™d simply like to have more options with my keyboard shortcuts.

One can write an add-on to show the box only for the first time you see the card, for example. Or better, to hide the box behind a toggle.

You could try this {{hint:type:Answer}}

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