True performance

I keep an eye on my percentage correct on mature cards. It’s 89.5% at the moment, which I’m satisfied with. But I’m wondering how relevant that number is. What if a lot of cards take forever to become mature because I struggle with them? Maybe the mature cards are just the easy ones, so no suprise that I score 89.5 % on them. If there are always a lot of cards in learning, and they stay in learning a long time, then that’s a sign I’m not doing as well as I thought. Are there any stats that track “true performance”?
Here are my stats for the past month:

Learning: 77.52% correct (1193 of 1539)
Young: 86.86% correct (853 of 982)
Mature: 89.50% correct (426 of 476)

Maybe I should watch this figure:
426/(476+982+1539) = 14 %
In other words, the number of cards I know well (426) calculated as a percentage of all the cards I have seen.
Would welcome any thoughts.

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