Tooltips still illegible in dark mode on Ubuntu 22.04

Because this forum still counts me as a new user, I can’t answer more than three times in the same topic. So I have to open a new topic to answer @dae 's question from over here: hxxps:// (links are also not allowed yet…)

As mentioned above, I recently replaced my (very) old machine with a new one, so the current installation of Ubuntu 22.04 is less than a month old. I’m not aware what I could have changed that could interfere with the problem at hand.

Something I found while poking around. When I switch the style to “light” in the system settings (not in Anki), the tooltips are legible, regardless of whatever settings in Anki I can find. When I switch the style in the system settings to “dark”, the tooltips are illegible, again regardless of any settings in Anki.

I saw that behaviour too, but the change I made in 2.1.65 fixed the issue in dark mode on my machine. I’m afraid I’m not sure what the problem might be :frowning:

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