Toggle sticky buttons hard to click because of overlapping scrollbar

Sometimes it’s hard to press the “Toggle sticky” buttons in the add card screen because of the scrollbar overlapping. Here’s a screenshot of what I mean:

You can see on the right of the screenshot that I can’t press the “Toggle sticky” buttons because the scrollbar is in the way.

I’m using Anki 2.1.63 for macOS (Apple Silicon version).

Doesn’t the scrollbar disappear after about a second?

Yes, it does but only if the mouse is not on the scrollbar. If I scroll up to make the first field sticky, the scroll bar is still visible when I move my mouse over the toggle sticky button. I then have to move my mouse away, wait for the scrollbar to disappear, and then go to the toggle sticky button again. It’s only a small complaint but it would be a small quality of life improvement if I can immediately press the toggle sticky button after scrolling.

This might take a while to resolve I’m afraid, as currently the webview doesn’t extend to the edges of the window. One semi-workaround for now is to click in the field and use the F9 shortcut key instead of trying to click.

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