"Today Added" tab shows decks added weeks ago

I have tried asking everywhere and nobody seems to be able to give an answer (let alone for the Subreddit that didn’t even respond with a single comment :,( ).

When I filter by “added:1”, meaning cards added today, Anki shows cards from several decks (Subs2srs) that were added weeks ago. I made 1 of the decks myself and the others were found online. I tried turning a lot of add-ons off and wait for a day to no avail. Tried deleting all the decks and just import my own again… didn’t make a difference. I remember solving this exact issue around 1–2 years ago but I don’t remember how. It’s incredibly annoying and I have found exactly 0 results by searching online.

Start by working your way through the following troubleshooting list:

When problems occur - Frequently Asked Questions (ankiweb.net)

Try showing only one deck at a time using added:1

Does that give you a clue ?

Does the browser show ANY cards that were actually added today ?

If yes: Do you agree with those cards? If yes: can you figure out why they might be different from those cards that you think should be shown as added today - but are not shown.



I downloaded an add-on that lets you change the added date for the cards and fixed the issue from there, but even then, it is only a workaround ://. It is only the subs2srs decks and there is nothing different about the decks that are problematic (that I could find from a user perspective, I haven’t dug any further).

To think that they were caused by large ID’s… Thanks I will take a look at that.

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