Titlebar & UI only integrated or consistent with desktop on light mode

This is light mode on KDE with the Breeze Dark Theme.

This is dark mode on KDE with Breeze Dark Theme.

anki 2.1.50-1, built from source using the AUR repo. Where a user named ‘Nocifer’ said “Qt6 has theming issues in Qt5 environments, like e.g. the very prevalent KDE”

I think this might be a little difficult to fix and it’s not functionally inhibiting my use, but it would be pleasant. Besides, if I’m experiencing this on Linux, MacOS users will also probably experience this.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Perhaps you’re better off with the option “Automatic theme adjustment”:

But I understand you want to be able to set light theme independently from your System UI.

Thanks for reporting this issue!

Dark mode forces a specific theme so we can be sure it renders correctly across platforms and different themes. Light mode uses the system theme, which is assumed to be light. There is room for improvement here, if a motivated person wants to look into it.

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Really? That’s interesting. Then I’m wondering why light mode works for me and “Follow system” sets dark mode (which I’d expect from my dark system theme) :thinking:

Are you also using Breeze Dark? Maybe the different themes are modifying the background color differently.