The add card window won't follow my system theme

every other window follows the system color scheme except the add card window, I am using kde plasma 5.23.
Is there any way to enforce the system theme or manually customize the color scheme used on anki’s add card page?
i am on anki version 2.1.49
thank you

this is the window I was talking about.
It partly follows it on the borders but turns to blinding white on the main area

It sounds odd to me that the other windows adjust. It looks like Anki is set to light theme in your screenshot.

Did you install Anki with a package manager?

Anki’s UI will respond to the system theme (light vs. dark) from version 2.1.50 onward.

You could try the latest Beta to see if this fixes the issue: Index of /downloads/beta/

The standard installation instructions for Linux apply.

It is indeed odd that other windows adjust and just the editor won’t, but it is what it is. As you can see in the screenshot.
I have the dark theme on “breeze-dark” which is the default dark theme of kde plasma.
I installed anki from the Arch User Repository using pacman.
I would also mention the editor used to follow the system color scheme very well in an older versions.

no sadly running the latest beta didn’t fix it.

This seems to be related to custom themes (or not having set up a GTK dark theme).

I switched to Plasma yesterday (thanks for the idea) and installed a custom dark theme and the same thing happens on my system:

The Qt UI is affected by the custom theme, but Anki doesn’t pick up that it’s a dark theme and uses the CSS variables for light mode in its webviews.

This is not an issue on Anki’s side. You can set light and dark theme manually under Preferences.

If you want Anki to automatically respond to your system, you’ll need to set the GTK theme separately, under System Settings > Application Style > Application Style > Configure GNOME/GTK Application Style (bottom right, see cursor):

If you choose a dark GTK/Gnome theme (like Adwaitha dark), Anki will automatically adjust:

@laddupeda A bit off-topic, but I found this awesome tool called Koi that allows you to automatically switch your custom Plasma themes/colors/icons and wallpaper depending on the time of day. You can get it from AUR.

Koi UI


The automatic adjustment is coming in 2.1.50 - for older versions, you need to choose the theme in Anki’s preferences screen.