The Ultimate Guide to Turkish- The Most Used 5000 Words

This deck is specifically designed for those who want to learn the Turkish language. It contains the 5000 most frequently used Turkish words, which constitute 99% of all the written and spoken language. These words are sorted by order of frequency, and every each one of them has an example sentence.

Since this deck covers the basic meanings of words, you will see only a few meanings for each word.

This deck also includes:
• A listening module
• A speaking module
• A writing and spelling module

A preview of the card:


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Looks great, especially because it contains audio and phonetic transcription, and it came at the right time since I want to improve my horrible Turkish pronunciation. Thanks :slight_smile:
Could you put a link to the deck page here?

Yes, of course. Here is the link:

The deck is incomplete for now since it is a demo (Only 2000 words). We plan to publish the full version within two weeks, though.

Also, I would really appreciate if you could rate the deck and fill out the following form (The same link is in the deck) :

Hope you like it!

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Hey man, thanks for the great deck! you included everything with workable examples! hope you are still working on it as this really helps dudes like myself :slight_smile: cheers!

One thing I don’t like in the deck is that infinitive forms such as “kızmak” are lumped together with unrelated words such as “kız”.

The deck is great but there are some minor mistakes in some cards. I wonder how could users report this to make it better. For instance the word “ağırlaşmak” is translated to slow down which is correct but in the example sentence it means to get weight or get heavy which is also correct and makes more sense. The examples for some words with similar meaning like “değmek” and “dokumak” are misplaced.
All in all it is the best deck I ever used for learning Turkish. :+1:

You can use this form linked to in the AnkiWeb page:

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We actually did it on purpose so that new learners would not mix up the meaning of those homonyms. It would be very easy to get confused if we made separate notes for each word. Imagine, as a beginner, studying the word “yüz” which has three different and commonly used meanings. You learn that it means “face,” but a few days later the same word comes up and this time the card says that it means “one hundred.” It is likely that you will not realize they are the same words and assume you just got it wrong.

I understand that sometimes it would be helpful for words with similar meaning like “değmek” and “dokumak” to misplace but some translations like “Gerçekten ağırlaşmışsın.” to “You really ought to slow down.” instead of “You’re really heavy.” or “You really got heavy” (I’m not sure which one is correct) :stuck_out_tongue: can sometimes make people confused or bring misunderstanding.

When I click on the link here it looks like it has been changed to 3000 words which constitute about 85% of all the written and spoken language. But the version I have on my tablet has 5000 cards. I can’t find any explanation for it. Will I loose 2000 cards if I update it? If so, does it mean that some words are omitted or they are merged.

You won’t lose the missing 2000 cards if you update.


@lingthusiast a lot of usage notes are placed in the wrong cards (e.g. see “terim”, “mensup”, “ayrım”, etc.). I’ve reported some errors using the form.

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Will fix the whole deck within two weeks. My exam week is coming up so sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, @lingthusiast – I’m trying to move some things around in this deck. Can you tell me what the “Length” fields (1, 2, 3) are used for, if anything? I cannot find them in the templates for any of the note types but I want to be sure before I repurpose them.

Kolay gelsin!


Sorry for the late reply. I used that field to sort the sentences appearing in listening and speaking sections by length. My main aim was to make it easier for new learners to practice those skills.

Umarım işine yarar,
İyi günler!

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