The cards display hyphens and en dashes line‐wrapping at the wrong place

I use Unicode hyphens (U+2010) and En dashes (U+2013) instead of Hyphen–minuses (U+002D) to join words. When line‐wrapping with a compound adjective, the Unicode hyphen appears at the start of the next line, not the end of the previous line; the En dash appears at the end of the previous line or the start of the next line due to the window width. Two of them should never appear at the beginning of a line. Hoping this could be fixed soon! :kissing_heart:

The Art of Type: Dash Away All - Layers Magazine

I tried with the following text and couldn’t get the hyphens or en dashes to appear as a first character on a new line.

fooo‐barr asadasd‐adadasd a‐b fooo‐barr asadasd‐adadasd
a Booker Prize–winning novel

Perhaps you have a funny CSS rule somewhere?

With an em dash I could reproduce the issue. Not sure if there’s a way to globally fix it, but you put a word joiner before the dash:


Which is rendered like this, and won’t show on a new line.


For languages that put spaces between em dashes you could use one of the non-breaking spaces.

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I pasted the text within the basic card and the result is the same even after cleaning all the styling.

Em dashes don’t have this issue since they can end or start a line.