Sync always in one direction, possible?

Im really sorry but I still have got problems fixing that sync thing.

I make changes at my desktop PC, then sync it, choose UPLOAD

I open the iOS App on iPhone, then sync it, choose download

now when I make changes at desktop PC, and press sync, it is uploaded.

then, when I sync in the iOS app, it is downloaded.

so far so good.

As I want my iPhone to only DOWNload from Ankiweb (never upload), I tested it, added a card in the iOS app, and then synced. And it got UPloaded to ankiweb.

now when I synced at the desktop PC, it DOWNloaded.

Right now its no problem cause I didnt make any serious card yet, but for the future I want to choose a fix “sync-direction” for each device, to avoid that it accidently syncs into a wrong direction.

How can I manage, that the iPhone only downloads (wont make changes on the iPhone, just wanna use it to repeat the cards).

And the computer only uploads the changes.

Is there a way to fix this?

If not so: How can I realize that?

Any alternative recommendations there?

highly appreciate ur answers

You still need to upload your training results up to ankiweb – and it’s preferred so you don’t lose that, so I’m not sure why you want one way sync only. You could do all edits in and all testing in iOS app so that way any editing is only done on one platform.

To clarify, if you always forced changes in one direction, you’d clobber any study progress each time you downloaded. There is no need to force changes in one direction, and if you sync at the start and end of each session, you’ll avoid any chance of conflicts.

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Thank you so much for ur answers!
@dae: Does that mean, that it wouldnt make sense to set the iPhone as “slave” and the desktop PC as “master” in sense of syncing?

So that means when I’m using the iOS app: sync before and after use manually.

regarding the ubuntu application: syncs automatically when I open and close the application.

Is that correct?

Yep, that’s right.

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