Suggestion: AnkiMobile TTS TAG: Volume

Hi Damien and team,

I’d like to thank you again for your great work on Anki.

I noticed that with the recently introduced native TTS support on iOS you included the possibility to control the speech rate but not the volume.

Controlling the volume would be very useful to me and I imagine many other users for several reasons which I can provide additionally.

Do you think it would be possible to implement that functionality in AnkiMobile?

Thanks in advance,

Would you mind elaborating on why you want this?

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Hi Damien and thank you for your reply

This is basic TTS functionality available in all TTS engines\services\plugins including AwesomeTTS.

It’s also available natively in iOS and as such it would be extremely easy to integrate.

That doesn’t really answer my question :slight_smile: Why do you want to reduce the volume of the TTS files specifically, instead of using the system volume control?

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Hi Damien and thank you again for your input.

I use AwesomeTTS for the front of my cards (which is in Bulgarian) because iOS doesn’t offer any Bulgarian voices.

However, the Bulgarian voice I use in AwesomeTTS, even at 100% volume is significantly quieter than the default iOS voices.

This means that when I review my cards, the back of the cards that uses the new tag sounds really really loud.

I can control the volume of the iOS voices with the old javascript approach, but that approach has some limitations that doesn’t make it great for me.

As a possible alternative, if it’s about Microsoft Azure, maybe it’s already implemented or maybe not, but it seems to be possible to adjust the volume - - and I’d suggest to contact the AwesomeTTS with Microsoft Azure developer and tell him about it - - maybe by submitting a new issue -

If it’s not about Microsoft Azure, but the voice quality is good, the demo key for 2 weeks can be acquired after registering with just an email, and with a credit card $200 should be available for some time and after that 0.5 million characters free per month should be more than enough to cover the monthly usage. If you go down that route, I’d suggest to double check it, in case if I’m wrong somewhere as I only used the demo key with readbeyond/aeneas a few times.

It could be already possible with Google Cloud Text-to-Speech, but the Bulgarian voice is not available yet.

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Appreciate you taking the time to elaborate; I can see how it would be useful in this case, and will keep an eye on demand for this.

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Thank you so much for your input!

My case is a bit different (SAPI 5 voice, doesn’t support volumes above 100% even through SSML) but I appreciate the information.

Of course anytime. Thank you again for taking the time to look into it and again for your great work!

Thank you. It looks like the SAPI 5 voice is already as loud as it could possibly be and there’s no way to make it louder. I thought it was actually low, but it’s not and switching to a different TTS engine won’t help to make it louder.

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Yes, that’s correct, thank you again for your time!

I am also interested in volume control being added to TTS. In my case the other audio files are not generated by AwesomeTTS. They are just a large set of Italian audios from a downloaded deck. I want to play them back to back with TTS to hear different pronunciations. But the TTS is so much louder it hurts.
If I turn down system sound for the TTS I can hardly hear the downloaded audio files.
Thank you for considering this request.

Added to Consider adding volume flag to TTS tags · Issue #2006 · ankitects/anki · GitHub


I would like to have the volume flag too. I use audio files for vocabulary and TTS for sentences and sound level is different. TTS is quieter. With the flag, I could adjust sound of TTS to the same level as my audio files.

The suggested change won’t help in your case, since the TTS volume is 100% by default. Your other audio files have probably been normalized so they appear louder for a given volume setting.

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