Sub2Srs Search [Official Thread]

Why having hundreds of thousands of cards on your computer, if you can have even more online?

This addon enables you to search and import all cards from Immersion Kit.

If you find any bugs, please let me know here or at the repository on codeberg linked below.

Add-on download warning As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

You can download the addon either with the code 717309388 or per the project’s source relaeses page.

Thank you for using the addon!
If you have been using it for a while and like it, feel free to give it a like on the addon page.
If you don’t like it yet, let me help you out per creating an enhancement or writing a comment below.

This addon is based on CroPro.


With the today released update, the add-on should now be fully usable.
Sorry for any inconvinience this caused.

Usable though not yet compatible:
I have fixed the Jlab Issue now.

Quick note on Jlab compatibility:
This addon uses pykakasi as converter. It works with Jlab word search but only this. It could hook into Jlab and use the built in converters, though this is pretty vulnarable and a bit too much, as I think. If anyone would really need this for learning purpose supported by their addon, I could implement this though.
However for now, I will leave the pykakasi implementation.

** For Jlab compatible cards, a card update via the menu or the popup is needed

If you encounter any problems, especially with the a bit experimental pykakasi built-in, please report them as mentioned here or via codeberg.
You can now also use the “Open dev-log” option in “about” to get important information.