Study in the flashcards in order

I downloaded an Anki deck, but when I started studying it, I realized that the flashcards were not arranged in their chronological order. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find a solution for this issue.

Could you please provide some assistance? I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

Thank you in advance!

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Remark: Now I’m just studying it in the option “BROWSE” in order to arrange the cards

What is meant by chronological order? Order of addition??

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I don’t believe that Anki really has a concept of chronological order beyond when a card is scheduled to be shown next.

At best, you could open the Browse window, then use Reposition either from the Cards menu or by right-clicking on a card and choosing it from the context menu. You would need to adjust each card one by one using this method. You will want to add the Due column to the list of cards by right-clicking on the table headings and setting the checkmark for Due. That way you can see the order that they will be presented.

However, after a card is shown, the next time it will appear depends on how you answer (correct or incorrect). The due date is adjusted accordingly (shown sooner for incorrect, shown later for correct) due to the nature of spaced repetition. So, any order you set for them will be lost as they will be scheduled for optimal learning and recall.

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If new cards are shown in the correct order in the browse screen but not during review, you can select them and use ‘reposition’ to adjust them to the displayed order.

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Thank you so much!

Yeah It worked!! Thank you bro

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